Waituna wetland scientific reserve project management

These plans usually address wetland management through appropriate controls on discharges to water and diversions, or land drainage.

Suzanne van Drunick, our outstanding project director, kept the process on track and made sure that the report Page xvi Share Cite Suggested Citation: David Policansky initiated the project, and we thank him for providing stimulating discussions. A number of regional plans in the Waituna wetland scientific reserve project management of Plenty also provide for protection and restoration of wetlands.

Protected areas

Hawke's Bay Regional Council has a Wetland Enhancement Working Party which is charged with the development of a programme of wetlands restoration. Scientific reserves Scientific reserves are smaller still 10— hectares.

Regional land plans invariably make provisions for protection of significant wetlands, including thorough controls on discharge of sediment to water, and rules relating to the modification of wetlands generally.

By pilot-testing an approach that synthesizes scientific, professional, and community knowledge—as well as outreach and educational activities—the project team hopes to create a model that other coastal communities can adapt to address the social and environmental challenges that they face. The second project is a regionally based pilot on developing a process for integrated environmental monitoring, intended for expansion to national applicability i.

The study used air photo interpretation, field reconnaissance, extensive GIS data, and meetings with the Councils, landowners, resource professionals, and other knowledgeable stakeholders to interpret current site conditions, site history, hydrology, vegetation patterns, and other factors that could affect restoration potential.

Some were voluntarily retired from grazing through a process called tenure review, and added to the conservation estate.

Project Board Meeting at Rennes, France (September, 2018)

The project will pilot a community citizen science learning model that positions young people as knowledge producers rather than knowledge consumers. Finally, ecotourism has significant potential as an income earner in Southland.

These surveys have been carried out jointly by agencies, and the information collated is used in resource management decisions. New Zealand is currently considering becoming a signatory to the Bonn Convention New Zealand has established the Firth of Thames site 7.

A number of regional councils provide "environmental funds" which promote protection of natural features through a contestable assistance fund.

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A Massey University report on economic valuation of the ecosystems services benefits for New Zealand, has highlighted the highest values per hectare as those of wetlands and estuaries Economic studies on the value of mangrove estuaries have been conducted in Northland.

Most conservation parks have a lower profile than national parks, and are less popular with tourists.

Awarua-Waituna Wetlands

GPC located current and former tidal wetlands to the head of tide, characterized these vital resources, and worked with the Council to develop a protocol for prioritization that reflected the many ecological functions of tidal wetlands and met Council needs for action planning.

The Department of Conservation produces Conservation Management CMS which are 10 year conservancy scale strategies that provide an overview of resources vested in Department of Conservation. We identified the blanket peatlands along the Tiwai Peninsula road as a key site for an interpretive trail that could act as a focus for education and as a tourist attraction.

Maintaining and restoring the health of these ecosystems requires constant application of management, monitoring, and restoration efforts.

Waituna Lagoon and wetland

GPC is technical lead on this project, which tests innovative technology for measuring controlling factors in tidal wetlands of the Oregon coast, and establishes a reference conditions database for these habitats. A two day workshop was attended by Dr H MacKay and Mr Parsons to plan the activities of the WRC project on the comprehensive determination methodologies currently under development.

For this reason, the Gulf region is both a fitting and important place to foster youth to become civically-minded, scientifically literate members of society engaged in building more resilient communities. What is the expected time-frame for removing the site from the Montreux Record?

The effects of introduced nitrogen-fixing plants, such as gorse, on raising soil fertility have already been noted in the previous section.WWF-Hong Kong has been co-operating with The People’s Government of Changle City in Fujian Province, Fujian Minjiang River Estuary Wetland National Nature Reserve (the Reserve), in a successful 5-year project to enhance the management standards in the Reserve.

Management and Resilience Measures in New York State.

27th Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee --

Project Overview. Sincethe Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve has engaged in scientific research, implementation, and promotion of sustainable shorelines in the Hudson Research Reserve. Project Duration. September to August Project Lead.

National Wetlands Action Plan assists coordination of the planning and management of all agencies and owners b. Was it, or is it, intended that the Policy/Strategy/Action Plan be adopted by the whole of Government, the Minister responsible for Ramsar matters or through some other process.

Project September Waituna Wetlands What’s lurking in the Waituna the Awarua / Waituna wetland is located on the Southland coast between Bluff Scientific Reserve status in the wetland offers a diversity of aquatic habitats for fish species. Waituna Lagoon.

Current status of coastal wetlands in China: Degradation, restoration, and future management Afterdue to scientific management strategies of the Yellow River, From toha of wetlands were restored in the Yellow River Delta Wetland Reserve. With the water cover area increasing from % to %.

o Professor of Biology and Scientific Advisor, Environmental Studies Center, o Professor and Chairman, Department of Biology, Wildlife Reserve (Project design by R. Lewis of LES and M. Josselyn of WRI) Context of Wetland Management Plans, Palm Beach, Topic: Scientific Perspectives on On.

Waituna wetland scientific reserve project management
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